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Why Choose Me?

I love my job!  Find out more about why you should work with me.

In a nutshell…


  • Woman-owned home-based business since opening in1992.

  • I love what I do!

  • Supporter of Etsy, Artfire, and lover of all things handmade.

  • Addicted to fonts, loud music, bright colors, the outdoors, my family…and fishing too.

Costs Quoted Up Front

No hidden fees.  Everything is quoted right from the get go!

A little more info…


Susan owns and operates Wolf Prints Media out of her home office in Gresham, OR.   Wolf Prints Media is a home-based, family-oriented business where Susan's children inspired her to start the business many, many years ago - believe it or not - before the "Internet".


This business allowed Susan to be able to stay at home with her two children when they were little, avoiding the dreaded day-care.  Her 23-year-old daughter, Kaylee, recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in Journalism, and in Marketing.  Her 16-year-old son Ronnie is a Junior in high school and interns at the Portland Zoo.

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